Welcome to RainMaster Co. Website We are qualified and accredited, experienced and suitably equipped to Design, Supply, Install and Maintain first class irrigation systems (residential and commercial), including: - CONTROL SYSTEMS • Full automatic with multi-zoon central electronic control system (electric or battery operated). • Semi-automatic (using mechanical water timer) • Manual - DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Piping: Copper, PVC and Polyethylene piping - APPLICATION SYSTEMS • Sprinkler systems (Pop up sprinklers and/or  Shrub heads) • Micro jets • Drip irrigation (surface and subsurface) - SENSORS • RAIN SENSOR: interrupts the watering cycle and keeps the system from starting or continuing when rainfall exceeds a pre-selected amount • MOISTURE SENSOR: :  keeps the system from starting or continuing when the soil moisture exceeds a pre-selected amount - WATER MANAGEMENT  • Rain water harvesting: Selection , Supply and Installation of water tank and pump • Gray water: Collection and distribution of  used water • Underground water: Collection, testing and distribution of underground water.   We are fully insured and provide free quote and all our works guaranteed for two years. Welcome RainMaster Co. M: 0418 408 668 E: info@rainmasterco.com.au